Tamer Elgouhari

Tamer Elgouhari

Manual Therapist


Tamer Elgouhari is a highly-educated, licensed health-care professional, with aim to help patients reduce pain and improve and restore mobility for more than 7 years of experience in holistic therapies ; physical body therapies , sports injuries rehabilitation , aromatherapy , diet & Nutrition. He has had working experience with several clinics and centers including as complementary therapies tutor since 2018 – DHA accredited training

​​With an adjunct to having extensive experience treating  Musculoskeletal Disorders, Post-operative Conditions, Poly Trauma and Sports Injuries, by using Manual Mobilization, Manipulation, Pain Relief Methods and Motor-control Retraining, he has completed a diploma Therapeutic & Sports Massage course from United Kingdom. His other interests include Cupping and Reiki Healing

 Tamer can help you with the following

  1. Joints and Soft tissue– such as neck pain , back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow ,  knee pain and sports injuries
  2. Brain or Nervous System – such as movement problems resulting from stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease
  3. Manual therapy techniques (eg. mobilization/ manipulation, manual lymphatic drainage, manual traction).
  4. Neuromuscular disorders including but not limited to: cerebral palsy, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy.
  5. Structural Integration– Chronic pain syndrome, Migraines, Headaches.
  6. Expert in Infants and Childs muscles issues .
His certifications include
    • Bs Natural Sciences
    • Holistic therapies; CIBTAC UK; certified Sports Massage therapist, Massage Therapies, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Diet and Nutrition.
    • DHA license
    • Certified coach and approved trainer.
    • Cupping – Sharjah Holistic Center
    • Reiki – Healing Zone

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic

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Santhigiri Holistic Health Center aims to offer comprehensive holistic health and wellness treatments and Panchakarma massage therapies to men, women, elderly, children and infants. The center has a well-equipped infrastructure with a serene and calm environment and can provide customized treatments for all medical conditions in a holistic manner.

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