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Tamer Elgouhari

After his bachelor of sciences, Tamer completed post graduated diplomas from UK in physical therapies ; Therapeutic & Sports Massage, Reflexology, Diet & Nutrition/adviser with international accreditation – United Kingdom.

Tamer  is a highly – educated, licensed health – care professional, with aim to help patients reduce pain and improve and restore mobility.

Tamer started clinical professional since 2015, his experiences in manual holistic therapies; physical body therapies,  Acupressure, sports injuries rehabilitation, Cupping, aromatherapy, diet & Nutrition.

He has had working experience with several clinics and holistic centers.

Tamer is academic and accredited lecture / Tutor approved by DHA with accredited hours CME / CPD ​​With an adjunct to having extensive experience treating  Musculoskeletal Disorders, Post – operative Conditions, Polytrauma and Sports Injuries, by using Manual Mobilization, Manipulation, acute and chronic Pain Relief Methods and Motor – control Retraining.

Special Interest / Treatment

1. Body assessment with posture analysis, muscles palpations and movement assessment.
2. Post-surgical rehabilitation; Physical rehabilitation treatment plan after injuries and Bone fracture.
3. Therapeutic exercise programs, ROM technique to restore lost mobility and reduce pain.
4. Scoliosis; Cranial – sacral therapy by stimulating the restricted tissue around the spine to improve the functionality of the spine and reduce the amount of stiffness and back pain.
5. Treatment Strain and Sprain – all ages, infants, child, adults and elders.
6. Joints and Soft tissue – such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, knee pain and sports injuries.
7. Brain or Nervous System – such as movement problems resulting from stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease
8. Manual therapy techniques (Mobilization, Manipulation, manual lymphatic drainage, manual traction, Acupressure, Strain-Counter strain, Myofascial Release).
9. Neuromuscular disorders including but not limited to: cerebral palsy, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy.
10. Manual Lymphatic drainage for body detoxification, Lipedema and cellulite.
11. Expert in Infants and Childs muscles issues; premature babies, child’s muscles disorders.

Accreditations / Certifications

  • BSc Sciences
  • CIBTAC- UK; certified Manual Holistic body therapies; Sports injury rehabilitation – complementary therapies. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Diet and Nutrition
  • DHCC and DHA license
  • ICF Certified coach
  • DHA complementary therapies trainer / lecture / Tutor
  • Cupping – UAE
  • Reiki – Healing Zone
  • PALS
  • BLS

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic

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