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Aligning Energies For Better

Reiki healing is an alternative or complementary health care approach that focuses on healing the energies that run through your body. When one is afflicted by injury or emotional trauma, energy tends to stagnate and it leads to further illness. Reiki helps unblock such energies that lead to better healing. Reiki therapy is a form of treatment that promotes the recipient’s self-healing abilities by guiding energy throughout the body.



Here’s how Reiki Healing can work for you.

A usual session goes from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. In the first session, they then make you comfortable by making you lie flat and place their hands right on top of or inches away from certain points on the recipient. This helps guide stagnated energy caused due to past illnesses or trauma, to flow through the body and helps with optimizing the output levels and quality of energy that flows through the recipient. It helps relieve pain, anxiety, and fatigue, Treats depression, Enhances quality of life, Boosts mood, and may improve some symptoms and conditions like headache, tension, insomnia, and nausea


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