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Lumbar spinal health refers to the health and function of the lower back and spinal area, which includes the lumbar vertebrae, discs, nerves, and surrounding muscles and ligaments. Maintaining good lumbo-spinal health is important for overall mobility, flexibility and quality of life.

The lumbosacral spine consists of five large vertebrae that make up the lumbar spine and five fused vertebrae that make up one single bone which articulate on each side of pelvis called the sacrum. Overall, spinal balance is determined by a mixture of kyphosis and lordosis throughout the spine.

Our Package Includes

An integration of Ayurveda, Physiotherapy and Yoga for spine care treatment. The 14 days package offers 5 sessions of ayurvedic external therapies, 4 sessions of physiotherapies and 5 sessions of therapeutic yoga along with complementary consultation.

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