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What’s Ayurveda Treatment?

The word Ayurveda derives from two words, ‘Ayu’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ which means ‘science’, and translates to ‘the science of life’. The principles of this ancient wisdom remind us that the entire web of life is intricately interwoven. History of Ayurveda goes back 5,000 years and focuses on how foods, herbs, emotions, climate and lifestyle impact the dynamics of our own physiology and psychology.

It stresses on the need for prevention rather than cure and recommends harmony of the body, mind and soul as an essential requirement of health. Ayurveda advocates that every living and non-living being has five basic elements (Pancha Maha Bhoothas) in them namely earth, water, fire, air and ether which manifest itself in the human body as Vatha, Pitha and Kabha (or the Tridoshas).

Air and ether form the Vatha principle, fire from the Pitha principle and, earth and water from the Kapha principle. Every human being has his Prakruti (Constitutional Nature) determined by the dominance of Vatha, Pitha or Kabha or their combinations. Harmony in Prakruthi indicates good health.

Ayurveda treatment

Ayurveda medicines are not only free from side effects, but they generally produce positive side benefits. In addition, Ayurveda offers one of the world’s most comprehensive cleansing protocols, known as Panchakarma. This ancient practice uses five primary therapies to release and eliminate accumulated toxins from deep within the tissues, and return the doshas to their proper seats in the body.

Ayurveda offers renewed access to our natural intelligence. As the original circadian medicine, Ayurveda holds the key to resolving dis-ease creating a disconnect. Thus, this ancient medicine offers the promise of a more harmonious future for the people and planet.

At Santhigiri Holistic Health Center Dubai, you can experience the authentic Kerala Ayurveda treatments and Ayurveda Panchakarma massage and therapies. All our remedies are derived from herbal plants. Our licensed Ayurveda doctors and Ayurveda massage therapists have vast experience not only being associated with Santhigiri Hospitals in India but also working with potential Ayurveda centers in Dubai. They ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations. Unlike all other branches of medicine, Ayurveda aims at balancing the life force within the person. Ayurveda does not treat the superficial disease but deep dives to the core of the problem and treats the patient at all levels- physical, mental and spiritual.

We provide all Ayurveda treatments, therapies and massages starting from Abhyanga, Udwarthanam , Shirodhara, Nasya, Pinda Swedam and many more in a highly skilled and therapeutic manner to achieve optimum and significant results.

Preventative care and treatment of disease falls under Ayurveda’s eight branches, which include:

  • Kaya Chikitsa (General Medicine)
  • Bala Chikitsa (Pediatrics)
  • Graha Chikitsa (Occult and Tantric Medicine)
  • Oordhwanga Chikitsa (ENT)
  • Salya Chikitsa (Surgery)
  • Damshtra Chikitsa (Toxicology)
  • Jara Chikitsa (Geriatrics)

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Santhigiri Holistic Health Center aims to offer comprehensive holistic health and wellness treatments and Panchakarma massage therapies to men, women, elderly, children and infants. The center has a well-equipped infrastructure with a serene and calm environment and can provide customized treatments for all medical conditions in a holistic manner.

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